This is how I did it:

Used components:

  • HP BladeSystem
    • HP BladeSystem C7000 Enclosure
    • HP ProLiant BL490c G6 Server Blade
    • HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10Gb Ethernet Module for c-Class BladeSystem
    • QLogic QMH4062 1Gbe iSCSI Adapter for HP BladeSystem c-Class
    • HP GbE2c Layer 2/3 Ethernet Blade Switch for c-Class BladeSystem
  • HP StorageWorks P4500 G2 Multi-Site SAN Solutions
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • WAIK for Windows 7
  • Existing Network Infrastructure for iSCSI and PXE
  • Existing WDS and Domain services


  • WDS Server for PXE boot in WinPE Environment
    I already added a WinPE boot image with the qlogic ethernet and storage drivers to my WDS server and I also added those drivers to a qlogic_install.wim installation image. As I only use the "Datacenter Edition" (index:5) this was the only image updated in the original install.wim.
  • WAIK Server for prepairing the .wim files
  • Network on the iSCSI HBA configured 

Step 1 - Setup the bios of the BL490c.

Start the BL490c server and enter the BIOS by pressing F9

Select the "Boot Controller Order"

Make sure the "Qlogic QMH4062 1Gbe iSCSI Adapter" is on top

Save and Exit the BIOS.

Step 2 - Setting up a LUN on the HP StorageWorks P4500 G2 Multi-Site SAN.

Start HP LeftHand Networks Centralized Management Console

Create a new Volume:


Step 3 - Setting up a Server on the HP Storage Works P4500 G2 Mulit-Site SAN.

Start the BL490c en enter the QLogic bios by pressing "CTRL-Q"

Make sure you have pressed any key to see the Option ROM Messages!

 Select the top Adapter

Go to "Configuration Settings" -> "Host Adapter Settings" -> "Initiator iSCSI Name"

Write down this iSCSI Name!

Do not close the QLogic Bios we need to setup more here in the next step.

Go to the HP LeftHand Networks Centralized Management Console and create a new server

Fill in the iSCSI Name you had write down in the earlyer.

Also make sure you use a server name special for the QLogic HBA. If you going to use the same server with more iSCSI Luns from the OS you need to create a seccond server in HP LeftHand Networks Centralized Management Console, because the OS initiatior usses a different iSCSI Name.

Add the new server to the earlyer created Volume

Step 4 - Setting up the QLogic iSCSI Boot Settings

Go back to the QLogic BIOS and select "iSCSI Boot Settings"

Set Adaper Boot Mode to Manual

Select "Primary Boot Device Settings"

Enter your iSCSI target information

You can find the iSCSI Name of the LUN at the detail tab in HP LeftHand Networks Centralized Management Console of the volume

Exit and Save settings

Select "iSCSI Disk Utility" from the Fast!UTIL Options menu

Check if there shows up a LEFTHAN DiSCSIDisk in the "Select iSCSI Device" list

Exit Fast!UTIL

Step 5 - Boot from PXE in the WinPE environment and apply your image.

Start the BL490c Server and boot from network by pressing F12

Select your WinPE boot image

Make a network share to your location of the image you like to apply.

  • net use * "\\wds1\wds source images"

Partition and format the disk:

  • start "DISKPART"
  • list disk
  • select disk 2
  • create partition primary size=100
  • list partition
  • format quick
  • active
  • create partition primary
  • format quick
  • assign
  • list volume
  • exit

Apply the image of windows to the C-Drive

  • imagex /apply z:\qlogic_install.wim 5 c:\

Copy the boot files to the system partition

  • bcdboot c:\windows /l en-us

Exit and reboot